Eeek…are you still finding the odd biscuit tucked away in a corner somewhere, or toys in sofa after the Easter break? Just when you thought you were on top of it all, here comes another half term break, which means one more thing…more mess.

Children will be children, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t out something in place to stop (or reduce) the mess they create. Here are some tips:

Go healthy…
Biscuits, crisps, and powdery sweets are one sure way of making lots of mess…fast. No sooner have you whipped out the hoover and given your home a once over, than it takes for more mess to appear because of crumbly, unhealthy snacks.

Try fruits instead…apples, grapes (seedless), bananas don’t leave this type of mess, and they are much healthier, too, so it’s a win-win.

Vacuum after every meal time
Yep – if you really do love cleaning (or are a ‘little’ pedantic), you could just clean after every meal time. Invest in a good Hoover if you clean at this volume. You might also try an unplugged (cordless) vacuum cleaner so you can reach every nook and cranny of your home.

Don’t host play dates
With your won children, you know what to expect and usually have a quick fix for the spills and accidents. But when you add other children into the mix, the work multiplies. If you don’t mind it, host as many play dates as you have time for. But, if you get stressed, just don’t host them!

Arrange to go for play dates in the park, the library (many have a coffee shop these days), cinema…basically, anything that gets you out of your house. That way,you don’t have to worry about doing a deep clean every time your guests leave.

Think twice before you get a pet
If you really can’t stay on top of your cleaning, feel overwhelmed, or live in a home that burglars would struggle to find things in, you could probably do without a pet.

Pets require time and attention to cleaning…from hairs, to their poop, all these can cause quick a stink in a home where the adults are too busy to clean as often as required. Instead, you could wait until your children are old enough to assume some responsibility for their pets,and help with cleaning before buying pets.

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