Working from home doesn’t always have to mean selling other people’s products or setting up a craft-based business…you can actually use your skills, experience and knowledge in your current profession without changing much other than where you work.

Here are just four examples of doing just that to get you thinking about the possibilities…there are many more ideas, including our feature ‘10 hobbies that can become a business‘ for even more:

  1. Managing director of online business
    Being an MD doesn’t mean you have to work from an office…tens of thousands (maybe even millions) of people are doing just that from their very own kitchen tables, home offices, beds, garden sheds…basically anywhere in their home every day.

    Just take a look through our Real Mums section for some inspiration, and it’ll be amazed at how many unusual

  2. Online fitness coach
    Yep…long gone are the days when you could only keep your clients in shape with face-to-face fitness programmes. These days, you can use the wonders of the internet to help you deliver fitness training and one-to-one fitness programmes. You can use web conferencing and Skype to help you and your clients build up a sweat and get them to pay online for your classes.
  3. Travel consultant
    Unless you’re on holiday yourself, you can run your travel-based business from home. Using a telephone and a laptop, you can answer calls and make booking for customers without leaving your home.

    These days, all bookings can be confirmed via email, making your work even easier.

  4. HR adviser
    As a human resource advisor, your role is to help a company with employment law issues, help to recruit staff and any other support issues that come up (counselling excluded!). But these days, you don’t actually have to be office based. Much of your consultation with the business can be conducted via email and telephone, and you can do the same with employees. Even recruitment can be done on the phone these days, with the advent of telephone interviews…the initial interview, anyway.
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