Being a working mum can be a mixed bag sometimes – you want (or need) to work on the one hand, but that can mean you can’t always be there for your child the way you want to be.

But its really not all doom and gloom – it’s rewarding, you feel alive and you wouldn’t change it for the world…right? Here are more reasons why you should be proud to be a working mum:


1. You’re doing your bit
One of the common themes that we’ve heard from the Coalition government is the importance of everyone doing their bit. And as a working mum, you’re doing your bit for society and contributing the economy in some way, even if you only work a few hours a week.

2. You’re not scrounging off others
Having children doesn’t make us women sick or less capable of working. And let’s face it, with those classed as disabled being able to hold down a job (many of them mothers), what reason do able bodied mothers have to not work but to expect society to pay for their decision to have a child?

Not living exclusively on benefits is something to be proud of – hold your head up high and be proud of your decision, no matter what stay at home mums say!

3. You’re establishing a strong financial future for yourself
Pension contributions…tick, savings (no matter how small)…tick! It may not seem like much, but every little helps and you’ll be thankful when you do (eventually) retire.

4. You’re setting a good work ethic for your children
Do as I say not as I do can be used to raise children in many ways, but how can you expect them to want to do well at school, working towards a future career if all they see are pare ts who don’t work? With you working and still managing to live to tell the tail, you’re inspiring them more than you know and it will do them a world of good to see you working hard.

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