Christmas is probably the most anticipated, joyous and expense-filled seasons of the year.

With an abundance of presents, food and decorations to purchase, it can easily become an overwhelming and exasperating experience.

However with careful planning and a trained eye for bargains, this year’s Christmas can become less stressful and costly. To help set you on the right track towards a more budget-friendly Christmas, we have constructed four tips on how to prepare early and save your hard-earned pennies.

Christmas management apps
There are many budgeting apps available on each of the mobile platforms, some of which are even specially tailored to assist you with prepping your Christmas shopping lists.

Often, when buying gifts for family and friends a few weeks ahead of time, we forget what we have already purchased and tend to over spend. However, by planning your budget and keeping note of what you have already bought, sticking to your budget becomes much easier.

Cashback sites
Cashback sites are one of the most effective methods to earn money as you spend it. Simply sign up to one of the many cashback sites available, then purchase items from your favourite participating retailers, all the while earning back a percentage of the money you spend.

Be sure to regularly check back with these sites to guarantee that you’re getting the best possible deals.

Free delivery and ‘click and collect’
Continuing with the theme of online shopping is free delivery and ‘click and collect’ offers. During the holiday season, many retailers offer free delivery or click and collect when you order from their online stores. These savings can range depending on the retailer, however when you’re making numerous orders during the run up to Christmas, the savings of free delivery can quickly accumulate.

Stock up after Christmas
When Christmas is over make sure your buying isn’t, so you can grabs presents for friends and relatives you’ll be seeing after the big day. Department stores and supermarkets put their Christmas stock on sale for unbeatable prices, so it’s also the perfect opportunity to stock up on next year’s wrapping paper, gift tags, cards and decorations to make the following years festivities even cheaper.


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