FREE e-course: Your First Online Sale

One of the great ways to make money using the web is to set up an online store. If you get the ingredients right (website design, payment gateway, and choose the right products to sell!), you can really make a sustainable income from your online store, which you can leverage with marketing and promotion as the profits start to flow in.

Thinking of starting an online store? Not sure why your ecommerce site isn't making any sales? This free ecourse is for you!

If you already have an online store but haven’t had a single purchase yet, or just can’t seem to convert your traffic into purchases, you need to take this e-course to get you on track.

In just five days, you’ll find out why you haven’t made any money, and what you can do to change your losses into profits in next to no time!

Here is a breakdown of what to expect from the course:

  • How to take your business online
  • Ecommerce – a plan
  • Designing your online store
  • How relevant is your ecommerce website design?
  • The right ecommerce solution for successful online trading
  • Ecommerce hosting – how to choose a merchant account
  • Promoting your online store

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