As a working mother, you know the pressures of trying to keep up in the working world while also making sure your family is well taken care of. You know what it’s like to work long hours and feel under-appreciated. Yet your commitment to family keeps you pressing on day after day.

If you’re a smoker, there’s something real and tangible you can do to help your family without drastically altering your lifestyle.You can free them from the effects of second hand smoke by trading in your tobacco for electronic cigarettes or portable vaporizers (i.e. Most advanced vaporiser in the market – In so doing, you’ll be helping to improve the air quality in your home and make a better life for your family.

How it works
The danger with second hand smoke is the chemicals it contains. In fact, we already know it is those very chemicals that are largely responsible for smoking-related diseases like lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease. They have also been linked to things like childhood asthma and chronic bronchitis. By eliminating those chemicals, you’re doing your family a big favour.

Electronic cigarettes make that possible for two primary reasons: there is no tobacco involved and the combustion process is not used. The electronic cigarette is based on generations-old technology that uses electricity to heat a nicotine liquid to the point of vaporisation. When the liquid reaches the appropriate temperature, it is transformed into an aerosol mist inhaled by the user.

This technology is the same technology that has been used to create artificial smoke at rock concerts and live theatre performances since the 1970s. It the same technology that has been used for the medical vaporisers employed both in hospitals and at home. It is very simple technology that has already been proven to be safe.

Ingredients in e-cigarette liquid
There is obvious concern about possible chemicals linked to e-cigarette vapour due to the ingredients used in the typical liquid. However, contrary to the reports we constantly see on the news, the ingredients in e-cigarette liquid are not some unquantifiable unknown. Most UK e-cigarette companies are very open about what their liquids contain and, many of them even have their formulas tested by independent labs.

Go to any e-cigarette website and you are likely to find the following ingredients in their liquids:

• propylene glycol (PEG or PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG)
• nicotine
• food flavouring
• distilled water

The first two ingredients are the substances that give e-cigarette vapour the look and feel of smoke. Yet both are harmless and are approved by various world health organisations as safe for human consumption. Actually, both substances are already used in hundreds of consumer products we make use of every day.

For example, propylene glycol is excellent as a humectant. A humectant is a substance that absorbs moisture. As such, propylene glycol is commonly used as an ingredient in asthma inhalers because it absorbs moisture that might be present in the lungs. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are used as ingredients in pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, food preservatives and colouring, and even baby products.

Satisfy your cravings
Earlier in this post, I mentioned the fact that you can free your family from second hand smoke without any drastic changes in your lifestyle. I say that because the e-cigarette answers all the cravings of the smoker in a system that feels very familiar and comfortable.

The e-cigarette gives you something to hold in your hand, something to put in your mouth to draw from, and the familiar inhaling and exhaling experience. There are no patches to worry about, no gum to purchase, no lozenges to suck on, and no dangerous drugs to take. You simply pull your electronic cigarette out of your handbag or pocket, take a few puffs, and put it away again until the next time.

What’s more, you can use your e-cigarette almost anywhere in the UK where tobacco is currently banned. Depending on the attitude of your employer, you might even be able to vape at work without having to step outside. The increased freedom vaping affords you will make your life easier, if anything.

Working women need all the help they can to make sure their families are properly cared for. If you are a tobacco user, you should definitely take advantage of electronic cigarettes to free your family from second hand smoke. It is one of the best things you can do for them.

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