Get organised with these home office must haves

With all the beat will in the world, there are some documents that you need a hard copy of.

Take your certificate of incorporation,  for example. And there’ll be many more that you’ll want to find and  take out with ease.

This is what dividers that are colour coded and numbers can bring to your home office – order.

Some home 9ff8ces require printing…A lot. Whether it’s packing slips or training handouts for teaching you’ll want to find a cost effective solution to buying good quality paper.

The nice people at Viking Direct sent us 2,500 A4 sheets to try. At just £19.99, they are a real bargain and will last a long time even in the business home office.  There is so much wastage when paper isn’t stored properly. We like the Really Useful Box 5 Ream Paper Box 19 Litre, as it fits a whole box of the bargain paper in it.

It only takes a few weeks of filing things away in boxes before you start to forget where things are. Even the most sparrow minded organiser can forget things, and that’s where the Dymo label machine comes in really handy. It’s very easy to use and you can choose the colour labels you want to help you colour code your storage and filing. We tried the blue and pink labels.

No office should be without a whiteboard…It should be a home office office law! Nothing quite helps to focus the mind than a notice board that has your targets written on them and great achievements etc. It’s a great way to spur yourself on and shouldn’t be sniffed at.

If you’re tired of the ordinary blue and black whiteboard pens, you’ll love the Niceday marker set – it’s got orange, purple and green to play with!

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