Get your car seat kids fit and exercising the fun way…on a scooter! They won’t even know they’re exercising!

Research shows that the number of children travelling to school by car in the past 20 years has doubled, and the number of children walking to school has reached its lowest level ever. Just 47% of primary school-aged children now walk to school, with the figure falling to a paltry 36% among secondary school pupils.

So, it comes as no surprise, then, that the government’s Chief Medical Officers say that 68% of boys and 76% of girls aged between two years and 15 years do not meet the minimum recommendation of an hour of moderate physical activity per day, and that they are therefore at risk of obesity, weak bones and future heart disease.

micro scooterIf walking is too much of a chore for your child and becomes a bone of contention, scooting is the latest craze, which has become a must for most primary school aged children. If you haven’t seen, bought or been gifted with a Micro Scooter then you you’ve really missed a trick!

We tested the latest Mini and Maxi Limited Edition Union Jack design, which commemorates the Jubilee and Olympics on a three-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy. Scooting is one of those things that children take to like ducks take to water – even the youngest of children can get the gist of it.

The scooters are basically the same as the normal Micro Scooters, but instead of the pink and blue ones you tend to see in the school playground, the colours of the base come in white, blue or red, with coordinated red, white and/or blue handles, so they really do stand out.

Maxi Micro ScooterOur testers liked the little detachable rucksack and water bottle holder that came with theirs, too – they are quite a novelty.

Scooters are great for the journey on foot to school, the shops, the park…anywhere, really, and you might even find yourself wanting an adult one, too!

These designs will go far beyond the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, and will still look great after the summer Olympics, too.

The Union Jack Mini Micro costs £65 complete with bag while the Maxi is £105, both from

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