Every one of us has our own professional goals and achievements set in our mind and we try so many different techniques to achieve them. Trying to keep up with childless work colleagues who work longer hours during day can compromise other activities such as sleep or you cam find yourself neglecting your family life unecessarily. 
We all know that working an extra hour for the sake of it is ridiculous and, lets face it, if those colleagues has more responsibility at home they’d be running off, too.  
But a question you might ask yourself is: ‘are you a workaholic?’ 
Here are the few symptoms of workaholics. Just compare your professional life with these symptoms and you will get the answer to your question. 
If you are not able to meet your professional goals daily, work evenings and weekends to achieve your target or meet the responsibilities then you probably fall into the category of being workaholic.
1. If you hardly take annual leave from your work and when you do, you work at home then you are a serious workaholic. 
2. You’re so busy that you can’t make a plan with your friends or family without checking your voicemail, email or crackberry. Or even when you’re able to make plans to catch up with loved ones  you hardly go with them because something urgent always crops up. 
3. If you are missing out your family day breaks or weekends away, you don’t know your child’s best friend’s name or your other half’s favourite TV show (don’t guess at football), or you don’t remember when the last time you had coffee with your best friend then it’s the time to wake up.
4. If you don’t get time for yourself as most of your time is either spent at your desk or just about slotting in an activity for the kids while you answer emails and craft our presentations from your seat then you’re a workaholic.
Bring a workaholic is not to be confused with being given hard working. Workaholics have am unreasonable work ethic that soon enough causes a breakdown of some sort. Don’t fall into that trap. 
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