How important is fast internet connections for mums?

The Suffolk County Council have promised their constituents faster broadband by the end of the year. The pledge was aimed at those who still rely on dial-up connections, most of whom reside in the rural parts of the county.
But with Council leader Mark Bee claiming that in some cases the connection speeds were slower than a dire 60kbs, how important is fast broadband?

The average broadband speed of the Suffolk region is cited as 5Mbps. That’s 1.7Mbps slower than the British average. To put things into further context, the British average itself is 37th in the world broadband speed test!

Therefore, mothers who are unfortunate enough to have to compare broadband deals while living in Suffolk will have to do so in the knowledge that the speeds promised on whatever network they opt for, will most likely not be reached.

The importance of fast broadband for both a region and a household is vast.
While many mothers might be a bit behind in regards to technology, the magnitude of fast broadband must be recognised.

The internet is now not only essential for your children – who desperately need it for educational purposes – but it is vital for mothers working at home too of course! The slower your broadband connections are, the longer it’ll take to make for mothers at home using the internet to make money.

Furthermore, it has been predicted that in the near future, basic household appliances will be wired up to internet connections in order to maximise their functionality. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that homes are prepared through having faster broadband speeds in place prior to such technological innovations.

As the internet develops more and more in terms of what it is able to do, the importance of fast broadband for mothers will likewise dramatically increase.

That the county of Suffolk is just one of a number of regions that have been promised faster connections across Britain shows that the significance of speedy internet hasn’t gone unnoticed by the government, too.

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