How to get your home office ready for the New Year

Tis the season to be tidy...tra la la la la...
Tis the season to be tidy...tra la la la la...

Come on, you’ve been meaning to do it for a while. The mounting papers, the desk clutter and the building office supplies. Unfiled files, a jammed printer and a desktop full of videos and random photos. So, with the New Year just around the corner, what better excuse than to spring
clean your workspace for a new office?

Here are our top tips for helping to spruce up a home office in time for 2010:


Okay – so, first things first. Get rid of the clutter immediately. This includes old office stationery and scrap paper. When de-junking, try an economical take on it. For example, paper can be used as draft (for taking notes, minutes or ideas), or even recycled. Instead of investing new pens, see if you could perhaps just buy spare cartridges or ink. Be sure to file all documents and invoices and clearly mark/date them.

Group together all of your business cards and <ahref=””>office supplies</a> and store them in a safe place that can be easily accessed.


Treat your home office as a place of work, and look to inspire yourself. This could involve painting it a colour that will help motivate or call you, or even stencilling an inspirational quote on the wall. Stencils are fairly cheap to pick up from art or hardware stores, or you could try making on yourself out of card. Office furniture positioning also plays a big part in motivation.

Perhaps try moving your desk near a window for natural daylight, or following the principals of Feng Shui – the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics, believed to improve life quality. This could include introducing plants into your office, or positioning your office furniture to other places within the room to attract ‘positive chi’.

Out with the old…

If you’re recycling a lot of your old office supplies, it’s quite likely you’ll need to re-stock at some point. Always start the New Year with a replenishment of the bare essentials in office stationery, such as pens, paper, envelopes etc. The same goes for old equipment and office
furniture. If you respect your work space, chances are your output will be more productive.


Prepare yourself for the New Year with a new 2010 calendar or diary and stay organised. If you’re not already in the habit of doing so, replicate your Outlook calendar into your diary, so it’s accessible on-the-go. Make sure you pop in personal dates as well as business, so you’ll never double-book yourself!

Go Green

Finally, and most importantly, try to do your bit for the environment. This could include switching your computer to hibernate during breaks, recycling paper and print cartridges, and turning off lights when you’re out of the room. At the very least, you’ll cut your energy bill –
leaving more money to spend on those potted plants and stencils!

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