Are you someone who always has the “what if it doesn’t work?” question at the back of your mind? Do you sometimes want to bite the bullet and go on a particular course, or start a part-time business from home but don’t know why you keep holding yourself back?

The chances are you have a fear of failing – trying something and it going wrong….everyone else around you will probably be encouraging you but you just don’t seem to have the courage to take those final steps to get things going. Here are some basic steps to help you overcome your fear of failure.

In almost every aspect of life, there will be a fear of failure. Even the greatest of all time in different walks of life have had the fear of failure but the trick is to learn how to use that energy and to turn it into something positive.

  • Building your confidence will help you
    Depending on what the situation is, when you have a fear of failure, it most likely comes from the fact that you lack confidence.

    If you are confident in your craft, then you will have less fear of failure. Do you need to do a course that will bring you up to speed? Maybe you can fill those gaps by reading more materials in your industry – industry publications and get some books n the latest methodology in your sector?

  • Every problem has a solution
    You need to realise that every problem has a solution and only time will reveal the answer. If for some reason you do “fail” not to have tried would have been an even bigger failure. Every time you put yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new, you are edging closer and closer to finding the solution to a problem, which is something you should be proud about.
  • Don’t live a life of regret
    If you spend a lot of time wishing you had done this, or tried that today, imagine how you’ll feel when you get to a stage in your life when you’re too old to try? Think of all the many years ahead of you where you’ll be looking back on all the things you wished you had tried to do and achieve and kicking yourself because you’ve wasted your years in perpetual fear.

    You can avoid this by taking action – take little steps every day and set yourself some goals every month to help you see all the successes along the way so you can look back this time next year with a certainty that you have not failed in trying at the very least.

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