The job interview is finally over and you can’t help but sigh with relief. But now that the waiting has started, it is not that easy to carry on without mentally dissecting your responses, the interviewer’s facial expression as you spoke…the list can go on. Here are some tips to stop you driving yourself around the bend while you wait for the outcome of your job interview.

Stop torturing yourself
Unless you think that you have slipped up during your interview, there’s no need to continue to go over your answers again and again – ff you look for flaws you will find them. It is unnecessary torture.

Keep busy
Try to stay busy – if you’re serious about finding a new job, you won’t just stop at that one job interview anyway. Carry on looking for jobs and put the job interview to the back of your mind until you hear back – there’s nothing you can do about it now anyway!

Correcting errors
If you find that you did provide wrong information during the job interview that would be crucial to a decision you may want to consider following up to correct the wrong depending on what it was. If you’ve applied for a sales job that requires driving, for example, and they asked if you have had any speeding tickets in the past three years and you said “yes”, but later discovered it happened four years ago – it’s probably wise to give the recruiter call. If on the other hand, you were quoting sales results and underestimated the number of sales you made – it would probably be best left alone, as you will look incompetent for not knowing your own sales figures.

It’s all a learning experience
If it turns out that you didn’t get the job, use it as a learning experience. If there were questions you wish you had answered differently at least you know what to say in your next job interview.

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