Your friends would say you could talk the hind legs off a donkey, but when it comes to going n a date, you find yourself lost for words – and that’s not because you don’t like your date. So how to do avoid an awkward silence? What topics are safe to talk about, without being dull small talk?

Communication is an integral part of any date because it’s not just about wining and dining – it’s your opportunity to get to know your date better. By asking the right questions, you will get a clear idea of the person you’re dating and will be able to say whether he’s your match or whether it will be the first and the last time you see him.

Here is a list of topics compiled by the Russian Brides Site that you can use to keep the conversation going.

Travel experiences
You know little about each other as yet, that’s why your date is a great opportunity to find out many interesting facts about your partner’s past. Asking about his or her trips will make a good subject for a chat, especially when you realize that both of you have an itch for adventures. It may also turn out that you’ve been to the same cities, so take advantage of this coincidence: discuss what you did there, what people you met, what you liked or disliked about those places.

Plans for future
If you’re on a date and you feel you want to be a part of your dating partner’s future, ask her or him to share their personal prospects with you. Ask your date, for example, about where she or he wants to work or live, or how many children he plans to have. You can also share your plans to make it clear whether your expectations from life are similar. If you don’t want any more children ever and your date does, then it can have an impact on whether you see each other again.

Biggest dreams
Let your partner look into your soul by confiding your secret dreams to her or him. Those may be your childhood dreams or current ambitions. Talking about the things like that may serve you well as you demonstrate your frankness and invite your partner for the same.

Childhood stories
The cutest topic to discuss is your childhood. Probably, everyone has a couple of funny things that happened to them when they were kids. Talk about what kind of kids you were, whether you had your favorite superheroes, what kind of love affairs you had in a kindergarten etc. This topic will tune you to a casual atmosphere and you’ll have some fun feeling nostalgic.

Areas of interest
Your conversation should be also a strategy to figure out your partner’s hobbies and interests. Tell your date about the things you’re keen on and welcome her or him to share what her or his talents or interests are.

What’s important about your conversation is that it shouldn’t be a dry question & answer session or, what is worse, a police interrogation. You should talk in the format of a ping-pong game touching upon the topics interesting for both of you. Avoid those formal introductions or lead-ins to the topics, such as “Let’s talk about …” or “The next point I’d like to discuss …” They really sound silly in an intimate talk. Instead, make smooth transitions between the subjects starting from some generalities, gradually narrowing them down to the next topic. As it’s a live chat, sometimes you don’t have to ask a question expressively. You may state something engaging and wait for your interlocutor’s initiative to proceed with to discuss the offered theme.

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