Yesterday, we featured our new partner and the three campaigns that they are working on. Today, we want to share some don’ts when it comes to joining an online survey opportunity – we’re taking the pain out of learning the hard way.

So, here goes:

1. Don’t leave lots of cash in your survey account – transfer the money to your bank account or Paypal account, or redeem the voucher.

2. Don’t get carried away thinking that you’ll make thousands immediately – while some diligent working can make you a few hundred a year, making thousands are unlikely.

17013&display_only=13. Don’t lie – trying to beat the system on surveys, or just choosing random answers will invalidate your responses, and you’re unlikely to be chosen for other surveys in the future if you get caught.

4. Don’t pay to join any programme – surveys are supposed to reward you, and you should not have to pay for the privilege. If you are asked to pay to join, run a mile and don’t go back to that website.

5. Don’t leave it too long to spend the vouchers – everything has an expiry date these days, so don’t leave it too long to spend your vouchers, or you could lose out.

6. Don’t lose track of the surveys you’ve taken, and the money you have been promised. Even if you can’t be bothered to create a spreadsheet to track everything, you should at the very least keep a notebook with everything in it, so you can cross the list off as you get paid or are sent your vouchers.

7. Don’t use your usual email address – unless you like to be bombarded with lots of offers from third parties in your normal email account, it’s a good idea to set up a separate email just to manager your online survey work. That way, you can get to your normal emails without trawling through irrelevant emails.

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