We all have the same 24 hours in a day – this is true, but let’s be frank, once you’ve slept for 6 to 7 hours, you have about 15. When you’re a mum – and a working one at that – you will want to know how you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to making the most of the time you have once you’ve dropped the kids off at daycare, nursery, or school. Put an end to your time management struggles by using the tips we’re about to share.

Get Planning

Yes, we know that you sometimes wonder if there’s any point in having a plan if it never goes accordingly. Well, the answer to that is yes. Perhaps fixed plans don’t always go the way they should, but having a planning system takes the pressure off you having to constantly keep mental notes of appointments, meetings, grocery shops, deadlines, etc.

When you have a better handle on your time management, you will save plenty of time as you will always have a general overview of the upcoming plans needing your attention. And if you can do this weekly or monthly, even better!

*Also, remember to schedule a time to rest and recharge too. Maybe you have an hour or a day spare, don’t be shy to use this time on yourself.


You know it’s okay to ask for help. No one expects you to do it all by yourself, and even if you have a limited support system, there are always ways to offset some of your responsibilities to free up extra time to get other things done.

We know that mum knows best, but we also know that mums need rest too. So when we say delegate, this can be as simple as getting the kids to make their beds or pack their lunches once the meals are ready and the snacks bought.

Have A Night-Time Routine

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As a mother who works so hard, first up, we want to remind you that you are doing a great job! The extra mile you go every day requires that your moments of rest are indeed restful. If you ever wondered if you need to have a night-time routine, a step-by-step ritual will take you from work up to wound down.

Whether there’s an episode you want to catch up on, there’s that hot cup of cocoa or glass of red wine you can look forward to for the evening, decide on what it is for you. Then, once the kids are off to bed, use this time to wind down and prepare for a restful sleep.

With the recommended amount of time being 7-9 hours, you should aim to achieve this. And if this isn’t possible, then 6-8 might be more appropriate.

Meal Prep

Perhaps it’s not the weekly shop that’s causing you the hassle, but the meals you create from those groceries. For this reason, you should plan meals ahead of time and the shop, so it’s one less thing you have to manage during the week.

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