MD strips off to show her brand has nothing to hide

A boss believes in her brand so much that she’s stripped off naked for a company advert. Joanna Gardiner, a 37-year-old MD of Ovelle Pharmaceuticals in Ireland, went completely nude for the controversial clip, which has become an instant hit on video sites such as YouTube.

The minute-long online ad for chemical-safe skincare brand ‘elave’ features a full frontal view of a voluptuous blonde presenter and various male and female researchers without a stitch on. The advertisement is a parody of a typical white coated cosmetics ‘institute’ and is deliberately tongue in cheek as it aims to deliver a hard-hitting message about the dangers of irritants and chemicals in skincare.

Like the sensitive safe skincare range they’re promoting, the naked cast explain that they have nothing to hide. Joanna, the company’s
MD also appears naked in the ad. Viral advertising specialists Prodigy Films dreamt up the risqu? viral marketing campaign, as an eye-catching method of communicating the serious message that elave has no worrying chemicals in its formulations. Campaigners from have praised the advert for addressing issues which they claim, the skincare industry is brushing under the carpet.

A spokeswoman for the group said: “A growing number of consumers are becoming chemical concerned and starting to request skincare products which are free from potentially harmful chemicals such as sodium laureth sulphate, parabens and formaldehyde. This advertising campaign should be praised for bringing these issues into the public domain.”

Joanna Gardiner, MD of the company behind the ad said: “I’m so passionate about the brand and the chemical safe issue that I knew
that taking part in this ad would be good way to get our message heard.”

“When my colleagues first heard I’d agreed to do it, they were shocked and there were a lot of jokes ? but then quite a few of them said
‘Good for you.'” The crew on the closed film-set also went naked as a gesture of support for the actors and models.

Joanna adds: “The others weren’t embarrassed at all, I felt like a complete prude. After a while though you get used to it and get on with it: it’s a bit like being on the beach, eventually you realise no-one’s staring at you. I’m pleased with the advert and I believe it’s been done very tastefully.

“While naked as a shock tactic has been done before, we think we’re using it differently.” [It certainly is a shock – the advertising campaign is posted below…you have been warned!!]

Mother of three Joanna developed the elave range after being shocked by the rise in sensitive skin and the link with medically researched
chemical irritants in skincare products and toiletries for adults and children.

According to campaign group,, the average woman uses 12 toiletries every day and applies more than 175
chemical compounds to her body in the process the so called ‘toxic load’ which experts warn may have long-term health implications.

The internet ad can be viewed at is available from and independent pharmacies
throughout the UK.


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