Online branding day 5: developing your online presence and image

branding for business
Get the branding of your business right, and let customers prefer you over your competitors

Global brands spend big money to maintain their branding and image – without a good image your customers will go elsewhere.

You only need to look at your own personal experiences with companies, when you’ve received poor service, and how you tell everyone about it and boycott them for as long as possible to appreciate how important it is to maintain good online brand image.

This shows how important it is to make sure that you and your business’s brand portrays the best image it can at all times.

But the first step is to have a presence in the first place – if people don’t know your business exists then they can’t find you…but then what does that say about your online brand? If your brand is unknown then, of course, it can be damaging if you are saying that you have been long-established, for example, or that you are the market leader.

Day five’s online branding video will give you some tips on developing a good online presence and a brand image.

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