We all share a desire to give our children the best possible opportunities to succeed and to reach their full potential – it’s just that juggling the commitments of our own work and of current after-school activities can make this hard to achieve.

Adding more activities to your child’s schedule can mean losing out on something in your life, or your child may miss out on some much needed downtime.

Many schools offer additional education services, but these sessions can often be crowded, and as they are held by teachers familiar to your child, with their friends and in familiar surroundings, they don’t always have the desired effect, and can simply be seen as more time to hang out and catch up with each other.

One-to-one tuition has always been an efficient and reliable way to ensure that your child has the best support in reaching their potential at school and improving their grades but the implications it holds can be enough to put many people off. It’s unlikely that after a full day of work you’ll want to drive your child around to someone’s house, or have to go to the effort of hosting the tutor when all you want to do is get on with your evening activities! Similarly, if you’re trying to cut down on costs and manage your budget, the fees associated with a high calibre local tutor won’t sit well and can be prohibitive.

The solution to helping your child succeed and managing to keep the work-life divide balanced is online tutoring. As long as you have a laptop, a broadband connection and a webcam, you can set your child up with a suitable tutor, and leave them to it, without having to supervise, drive them anywhere or prepare your house for a visitor.

There are many different paths to consider when you first approach online tutoring, the first being is it suitable for your situation? As a working mother, trying to conserve time and money may well be one of your top priorities, and if this is the case, it’s the perfect kind of tutoring to choose.
You can pick from a variety of options when it comes to online tutoring: do it independently, or work alongside an organisation like MyTutorWeb. If you decide to go it alone, you can speak to individual tutors and set up sessions using online communication platforms like Skype. Depending on the tutor’s experience and technical skills, you may have the use of virtual whiteboards, but usually it’s all conducted through messaging services.

Using an organisation like MyTutorWeb takes much of the stress away: all you and your child need to do is choose a tutor and turn up for sessions. MyTutorWeb carefully hand picks tutors from the top UK universities based on their academic records, communication skills and personalities, as well as their experience and ability to tutor. With free meet-the-tutor sessions, you can be sure that the tutor your child picks suits them, their learning style and their academic targets and goals before you book and pay for a tutorial.

They also provides a state of the art virtual classroom, fitted with an interactive whiteboard, a video and voice chat system and an instant messaging service. Similarly, they provide a great selection of tutors handles all payment and helps take the hassle away from you.

Online tutoring works at your convenience: you can decide when sessions are, and you aren’t tied to any financial commitments. Sessions can be booked as and when your child wants them, rather than block booking in advance, which can often disrupt plans and cause more stress than necessary!

It’s hard to give your child the best start without compromising on time, finances or quality, but with online tutoring, it’s possible to keep to the routine you’ve spent time compiling, while ensuring your child has the most support and help.

Robert Grabiner – Founder, 


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