Sometimes you are so overwhelmed  endless work or studies, family and friends. You find that you don’t have the time to do anything. Speaking to other mums somehow normalises this – but it shouldn’t be accepted.

So how exactly, do you organise your life and create more hours in a day?

Be effective with your activities!
Do all your shopping at one go. Don’t go to the shoo to buy your milk now, then in the evening, drop by to buy washing powder. You are wasting your time doing this as it’s never just a five-minute dash like you convince yourself it will be.

A better approach is to compile a shopping list and do all your shopping at one go. You can use the same logic with paying your bills, too. Do them all at one time instead of paying them at different times – or use direct debit and save yourself some money, too.

Do you have to wait at the dentist for an appointment and at the same time you have to write that important presentation or sign something off at the printets?

Why not whip out your notebook or tablet and start brainstorming about the ideas you use to write in your paper. Load the washing machine and whilst waiting for it, send some emails, or make your calls.

Getting into the habit of marrying up two tasks that can be done at the same time will have a huge effect on your to do list and you’ll start to see a lot of progress.

Set a time frame
While this may seem like something you would do at work, setting a time frame for yourself in your private life will have a positive impact on our achievements. 

Give a time slot for each item and plan your day properly. For example, you have to go to the dentists at 11 and you also have to buy groceries. So while you are out of the house, put your groceries shopping at 10 in the morning and then you can go to the dentist after that. Then you can go straight away home. You are saving time and saving on fuel too instead of two trips out of the house.

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