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If you’re interested in getting paid for your thoughts – and not through surveys and opinion polls – this may well be the thing. In what?s believed to be an online first, women are being given a new global platform to share their inner-most thoughts and real-life experiences, and get paid for them.

powder-room-graffitiPowderRoomGraffiti ( which launched last week is doing away with celebrity gossip and beauty tips, instead offering more mature women the chance to express, share and debate their views with candour.

The site, which will pay its selected contributors, represents a new breed of online editorial which carves out a unique path between magazine journalism and unstructured user-generated content.

American media investor and entrepreneur, John O. Morisano, and former City executive, Diane Hayman are the driving forces behind the site.? Morisano, chief executive officer, said: ?In online editorial terms, PowderRoomGraffiti breaks the mould. The views and sensibilities of more mature women are largely overlooked in the magazine world, which either conveys the unattainable, or pigeon holes them into neat stereotypes.

“We?re taking a no-holds-barred approach, creating a structured platform where ordinary women can share and be rewarded for their extraordinary writing on relevant subjects and with a tone that is refreshing, honest and fun.?

Diane, the site?s editor-in-chief, says that the website is ?edited not sanitised. It really does represent a new way of offering editorial to women across the globe that isn?t patronising, evangelical or repetitive in its mantra.? It?s intelligent, irreverent and entertaining, and right from the heart of the modern woman. Made up of people from a broad spectrum ? mums, carers, career women, to name but a few ? our community has one thing in common and that?s a desire to tell it how it is.?

Clare Taylor, a ?Graffiti Artist?, says that ?it’s great that PowderRoomGraffiti has given me this chance both to express myself outside the world of ‘Mummy-dom’ and to experience writing to someone else’s guidelines. Plus, I get paid to do so, which is always motivating for a writer!? As a blogger I have plenty of opportunity to write, but since mine is a parenting blog, it’s ‘all about the kids’.? PowderRoomGraffiti allows me to write editorially on all sorts of things that interest or concern me.?

With sections such as Feel It!, Live It, Love It, Get It? and Byte It, PowderRoomGraffiti will speak to its readers in a variety of ways that sets it apart from existing offerings.

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