With the Great British Bake Off not long on our screens, many of us have had a stir in our interests for baking.

If that sound slike you, then you’ll love our product reviews, as they make baking even more fun

Get sifting
Sifting is one of the messiest jobs going when it comes to baking. Who knew that a bit of flour and icing could spread so far, covering just about everything from your hair to the kitchen to floor with a little shake of the wrist.


That’s why we love OXO’s stainless steel flour sifter. All you need to do is pop in the flour (and it measures, too) and give it a gentle shake from side to side with one hand to produce a uniform measure of flour, adding air to your baked treats and improving the quality of the end result.

The flour sifter has a top and bottom lid, which makes using it very simple, and it is just a little larger than a mug, so it doesn’t take up huge amounts of space in kitchen cupboards. For just £12.50, this is a must – if only to keep your kitchen clean and dust free. Available from John Lewis.

Cooling rack
This is a must for any serious baker. If you’re into making cupcakes, or layer cakes, then you’ll need somewhere to let your cake sit comfortably (and safely) while it cools down, ready for you to start decorating.

We love this stackable cooling rack from Cakecraftworld.co.uk, because it folds flat, and you can stack as many as you want on top of each other. Costing just £10, it won’t break the bank, but it’s a good addition to every baker’s kitchen.

Cake pop set


Also from Cakecraftworld.co.uk is this cake pop set for £15.25. If you haven’t come across cake pops, they are essentially little round cakes, which can be decorated with chocolate, icing and sprinkles (a bit like cupcakes but smaller). Kids love them, and they are so small and cute, kids love them.

Cake pops can be baked in moulds, or can be made by mixing buttermilk or frosting into a cake, and then dipping in chocolate etc.

This cake pop set includes a flexible pink silicone 20 cavity mould, making it easy to make them to one size. It also includes a cake pop scoop and a pack of 60 pastel cake pop sticks. You’ll also find a recipe for your cake pops too in the box, too, so its a great whole-family baking experience.

Cupcake maker
If you love the idea of making cupcakes, but wish there was an easier way to do it, you should consider the Lakeland electric cupcake makers.


They have two sizes – mini and normal cupcakes and you can have either six or twelve cupcakes ready to eat or decorate (after cooling, of course)in 3-5 minutes. Prices start at just £19.99, and you can order online straight from Lakeland.co.uk.

Keeping recipes in one place can be a challenge, and there’s nothing worse than finally cracking a cake recipe, only to lose it in an old notebook, or not be able to find the link online again.


That’s why we love the Dodo Book for Cooks. Not only can you keep your baking recipes in one place, but you’ll find no less than 10 sections to sourt your recipes into (Soups and Starters, Fish, Meat and Poultry, Pasta and Rice, Vegetarian, Salads and Vegetables, Puddings, Baking, Festive Fare, and Miscellaneous). You can take out section dividers if you don’t need them, too.

We love the helpful additions, like the tables of measures and equivalents – you’ll never need to get confused about Celsius and Fahrenheit again, or which gas mark they are – not bad for £18.99. But yours from Dodpad.com.

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