Just before Christmas, I put a call into my PR contacts to find out about the latest weight-loss and exercise products.

I wanted something different to review – I know you wouldn’t be too impressed with fitness DVDs and the latest dumb bells.

What I tried out was very easy to use and practical, too. I didn’t even notice the changes they were having on me until the New Year, when I’d finally come out of hibernation, and the compliments started rolling in.

I wanted to tighten my stomach – ok get, rid of the wobbly bits! – without doing sit ups, or taking out a gym membership. I got some research data in this week saying that almost 50% of us give up our fitness resolutions within less than two months of starting – and I know only too well that I would fall into that category, so I no longer bother with a gym membership.

slendertone system abs
Slendertone's System Abs hits the right fitness spot

Fitness product 1: Slendertone Abs System Belt

Slendertone sent me their latest System Abs belt which you just charge and put around your waist for 20 minutes a day. The marketing guy told me that doing it for 30 days would show me some fantastic results – and he was right. I’m not saying that I have an athlete’s tummy or anything, but things are a lot tighter, and when I sit down, I don’t feel self-conscious about the rolly polly stomach effect – now that is a result.

Fitness product 2: Reebok Easytone trainers

reebok easytone
Reebok Easytone trainers provide an effortless toning session

In the vein of effortless exercise, I first caught a glimpse of the Reebok Easytone on www.dailymail.co.uk and thought it would a perfect match for mums. We do so much running around with the kids, school run and travelling into work and most of us complain about not having enough time or energy left to do any exercise.

So, the Reebok Easytone trainers seemed like a match made in heaven – while it doesn’t exercise the whole body, the resistance you get while wearing them means that it works you lower body a lot harder than just wearing ordinary shoes or trainers, so you really do get a lot out of it.

These are a personal favourite – I got so attached to them that I even wore them in the snow (please, don’t try this at home!).

They feel a lot bouncier than other trainers, because they have “pockets of moving” air in the heel and forefoot, so they really do work out your leg muscles and your bottom.

I am not a fan of walking at all – I drive just about everywhere, and if I could drive my car in the shops, I probably would – but the Reebok Easytone really makes me want to walk. So, I started to take the long route to my destination just so I could work out in my Easytone trainers. And I actually don’t mind sacrificing my fashionista status in the mornings and afternoons when I’m wearing a skirt (and trainers) because I know the benefits outway this!

I don’t usually upload promotional videos, but I really want you all to see the science behind these trainers, and the effects! Enjoy!

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