Spring’s in full swing and the pressure’s on (a bit) to get healthy and looking great. What’s new?

Every year, people worldwide put themselves to task to shed some pounds to get fit and healthy in time for summer fun. With news on musician Sam Smith’s three-stone weight loss in a month, just from eating healthily, we wanted to put it to test.

The Book

the bookThe Reboot with Joe Juice Diet‘ book by Joe Cross makes detoxing so achievable you feel guilty for not trying it. In no less than 351 pages, this book gives as much detail as you’ll need to get your detox journey on the road and it’s a great reference tool.

A favourite juice recipe from the book  at Mothers Who Work towers is the one-day detox. For those of us that really can’t commit to the sacrifice, expense or hassle of doing a longer detox, being able to try a one-day detox and know that you’ve achieved anything is a great feat. You can build yourself up to a whole week’s detox once you feel ready.

smoothieThe Smoothie

While this book does contain smoothies, we wanted to try something different: juicing in a blender; something that can be done with good results.

We tried the Bye, Bye Blue juice recipe on page 176 of the book, which is a culmination of blueberries, a cucumber, a lime and a pear. This is not for the feint hearted, as the taste is strong, but it digestible, easy to make and quite cheap.

The blender

Lakeland is a favourite of ours; kitchen equipment can be expensive enough without dealing with breakdowns, and this is a brand that know well for its quality.

smoothie (1)The Lakeland Power Blender, £69.99, is an all-in-one blender that’s happy crushing ice, making smoothies, or using to blend anything food in the kitchen. It comes with a glass jug, which is a lovely touch. It gives some added quality to the product, and the removable lid can be pressed down, rather than the bog standard screw tops.

The real test was how the Power Blender would manage a jug full of cucumber, pear, blueberries and lime juice. The cucumbers were cut into about six pieces, and the pears about four pieces. The aim of this was to see how much power the blades had. Usually, a combination like this would require some added water to get the blender going, but this was impressively not the case with the Lakeland Power Blender.

We did notice that there was a motor smell that the blender exhibits, which was an initial concern, but it looks like this may have been a one-off. The blender is very easy to use, and it is powerful, so there was no worry of a breakdown.

A feature that stands out is that when you press the ‘Smoothie’ button and just leave the Power Blender to do it’s job, once ready, it will switch off. So you can leave it on and potter around doing something else, without being chained to the kitchen while you wait for your smoothie. Go and do a set of lunges or something and then quench your thirst with a power-packed smoothie of choice.

The smoothie juice

Everyone has different taste, and this probably wasn’t the best choice for us, but something sweeter like the Carrot-Apple-Lemon juice on page 177 of the ‘The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet‘ book was a lot sweeter and scrumptious. Other juices to note are: Carrot Cake (yes, you read right!); Green-Carrot-Ginger or the ‘Double Chocolate Smoothie’. Yum!

Once you’ve got your smoothie or juice ready, you can guzzle it down with some Lakeland Jumbo Straws, a perfect addition to any smoothie or juice drinkers cupboard – buy 50 for just £3.99. No more trapped fruit in your narrow straws. Enjoy!

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