Product review: things to do with the kids in the kitchen

Struggling for something to do with the kids that doesn’t involve spending lots of money?

Are you constantly being pestered by your mini masterchef to help out in the kitchen? We have two gadgets to help:

Flipping burgers!

Most children love burgers, but fast food isn’t the way many parents want to raise their children. But you can make a healthier option, where you know what’s in the burger, and it’s a great way to get children of all ages involved in cooking – the Lakeland burger press is just the ticket for this. We love the fact that you can make a burger from anything with the burger press – meat, fish, vegetables – just about anything goes. You’ll get a recipe book with the press, as well, so you can get even more great burger ideas.

It’s small and compact, so doesn’t take up too much space, and is a great addition to every mum’s kitchen.

Popcorn machine

If the thought of making your own popcorn with kernels sends you into a mild panic, then panic no more! You no longer have to worry about having a mild explosion or injury in your kitchen because of popping popcorn – the Lakeland electric popcorn maker takes just three minutes to spout out cinema-esque popcorn.

You don’t need to add any oil, so this is great for making popcorn low-calorie snacks you can munch on during the day, too. Eat them plain, or get creative with your flavours – we tried making small balls rolled into chocolate, and they were scrumptious!

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