Love your iPhone and iPad? We’ve been reviewing some fab accessories and apps that the whole family can enjoy.
Pocket Phonics app for kids
20130717-140852.jpgKeeping young children busy this summer while travelling and making it educational can be a little challenging. But thanks to technology, things have got a whole lot easier.

We love the ABC PocketPhonics app because it covers just about everything a pre-school up year 1 age child would learn – letter sounds, handwriting and firsts words.

Young children are very tactile when they are learning and the app really manages this perfectly, enabling children to trace letters, for example.

Available just 69p for the iPhone and iPad, there is also a free version available for you to try out with your child before you commit to the full version.

iPad stand
20130717-141055.jpgWhether it’s for a trade show or to use around the home, an iPad stand can come in very handy. We love the Just Mobile Upstand for the iPad because it is stylish looking and very sturdy. Made in brushed aluminium, you don’t have to worry about removing your iPad from its case just to use the stand, which makes it easy to use.

Use this around the home when you’re working at your desk, in the kitchen to read recipes or for any other purpose. You can buy one from Mobile Fun for £40.

The iPhone cases
Protecting your phone doesn’t have to mean using a case that makes your phone look like a brick anymore. We’ve been testing some really snazzy cases and here’s a rundown on our favourites:

The magnetic phone case
20130717-141111.jpgThe magnetic smart cover and stand for the iPhone is our favourite of the bunch because it is beyond cool. You can stick your phone to any magnetic surface with it. So, be it a whiteboard at work or the fridge in the kitchen your phone will never be out of site. And as if that’s not enough, it also doubles up as a smart stand – like the iPad one so you can prop your phone up in the office.

You can buy one from Mobile Fun for just £21.95.

Case-Mate’s Tough Extreme case
20130717-141120.jpgYoung children see your phone like one of their toys – and that means the drops and bumps on your phone can be a common mishap in many households. That’s why we love this case – you really can’t go far wrong with this. The built-in screen protector prevents screen scratches and cracking, perfect for parents who trust their children with their smartphones and the case is the most sturdiest we’ve seen. Costing £24.99, this is money well spent – get yours from Amazon.

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