Product reviews: must-haves for home working mums an mumpreneurs

Are you a mumpreneur or business mum who often works from home with the children on hand? We’ve got some product reviews that will help make the juggling act a little easier.

Lexmark S405 all-in-one printer
Gone are the days when printer used to jug out a page an hour (or what seemed like an hour!), and cost an arm and a leg just to replace the ink.

These days, you can print from your mobile phone, send faxes and make photocopies right from your printer, and they don’t even cost much more than the usual cost of a new printer.

That’s what we love about Lexmark’s S405 all-in-one printer. It does all this to fantastic quality, and you can save money on the cost of printer ink by replacing the very colour that has run out, which is an added bonus if the rest of the family will be using the printer, too.

Blue SnowflakeAre you recording podcasts for your website? Are you thinking of recording them but don’t know where to start? We will be looking at that in a future feature soon, but in the meantime, get yourself a Blue’s Snowflake Microphone.

The microphones plug into the USB port of your PC or laptop and boosts its in-built microphone so that you get a fantastic sound quality to your recordings.

Whether you’re recording a podcast, talking business on the web using Skype or doing a recording for YouTube, the Snowflake can capture it with clear sound and depth that is far better than any computer’s built-in microphone.

And, before you start thinking that it is big and cumbersome, they are very small and quite dinky. You can clip it onto the screen of your laptop or just leave it to sit on the talbot. And when you’re done, just fold the USB cable and store it in the microphone self-contained storage box underneath it.

At £49.99 it’s very affordable and worth the investment – buy yours from Amazon.

Fijit Friends toys
Fijit FriendsEvery mumpreneur knows the benefits of having something handy to keep little ones busy when you need to get through some paperwork, or make an urgent phonecall. We think the Fijit Friends toys will do the trick.

They are about a foot high, and respond to commands – your kids will love bossing it about and watching it respond with snoring or closing their eyes. Available in pastel colours, and with a soft skin, they will respond to tickling as well and will have a conversation, using its 100 set phrases.

Samsung Baby Monitor
If you’re a new working mum, it can be quite a juggle keeping an eye on a new baby, while you get some work done. Even while they are asleep, you may get several urges to check they are still breathing, that no blanket is covering their face, or that they don’t have an arm or leg wedged in the rails of their cot.

That’s where a good baby monitor can help – and these days they do note than let you listen to the sounds – you can see for yourself that your baby is asleep, and hear them breathing. And if they are awake, you can see also and watch them marvel at the world around them…

We think Samsung’s SEW-3035 range of baby monitors are fantastic, as they give that peace of mind you can only get wi seeing your baby is doing fine with your own eyes! And you can record your cherished moments and save the,mon an SD card to share with friends and family, too.

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