We live in a world where people like to put other people into a box. Being a working mum comes high on that list…if I had a pound for every time someone told me (not asked me) how difficult it must be, I would have a nice little fund for my caramel lattes for the rest of my working life.

Being a mum in business is no different. Here are some of the ridiculous myths, and the real truth.

1. Women can’t get funding

That’s nonsense personified. If you’ve watched an episode of Dragon’s Den, you’ll know that men and women, alike, get funding. And that’s just a TV programme. There are thousands (tens of thousands for that matter) of women who get financial backing for their business.

If this myth has put you off applying for a business loan, grant or any other type of funding, you heard it right here on Motherswhowork.co.uk – women can and do get funding!

2. All women just run lifestyle websites

I guess you could forgive some people for this assumption – mummy blogs are very saturated. It seems that everyone wants to show what Baby Button drew, or what hot dish they put together for Sunday lunch, but all women are not made the same.

Mums, like dads, or men and women who don’t have children (yet) do have other interests, too, and they run websites and blogs that compliment those interests.

3. Women don’t have the strength or courage for business

This is a myth that doesn’t deserve the time of day – it’s pure nonsense. The fact is, however, that many mums do sell themselves short and don’t always have the confidence to run with their business idea. But many do – and have gained success from doing so.

If you fall into the trap of having a business idea but lack the confidence to find out how to launch, you should consider joining the Mothers Who Work Club.

4. Women want pink and girlie looking websites

Well, this website is run by a mum and she doesn’t want a pink and girlie looking website. Enough said! But if you’re a mum who does, then feel proud about it – taste is personal.

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