Share your experiences commuting while pregnant and get a free baby on board badge!

Travelling while pregnant can be a challenge, especially if your hours mean you have to contend with the hustle of rush hour.

baby on board badgeAnd a lot of expectant mums just don’t have the confidence or boldness to ask for a seat when they really need it…and a lot of commuters will clock that baby bump and still go to reading their morning Metro newspaper or book!

We want to hear your commuting stories (good and bad), and to show gratitude, we are giving the first 20 mums a free badge from our sister site,, which you can keep or give to a friend or relative who is pregnant.

All you need to do is email, before Friday 7th October with your horror story or good experience, with your name and address and we will pop a badge in the post within 48 hours.

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