Sisters Alex and Robyn Rintoul win competition for the best young eco minds!

Alexandrina and Robyn Rintoul from Saltcoats, Ayrshire, are clued up on all things eco
Alexandrina and Robyn Rintoul from Saltcoats, Ayrshire, are clued up on all things eco

Two primary school children have won a nationwide competition, showing that they have the best environmental minds in the UK.

Alexandrina, 10, and Robyn, six, helped put together the Cleaner Planet Plan, a new programme which aims to help us all be a bit greener in our homes. Persil asked mums to film their kids telling us all about the things they do around the house to help the planet. Alex and Robyn?s video was so impressive they have been asked to sit on the Cleaner Planet Plan advisory board next year.

Here are their tips for helping the environment:

?In our house we all do our bit to help the environment, and by making a few small changes it can all add up to a big difference:

1. We?ve got a grey bin for domestic rubbish and a blue bin for recycling. You can put in paper, cans, bottles and clean cardboard.

2. You can make small changes in the kitchen too, like only boiling the amount of water you need to use. Using a concentrated detergent, like Persil Small and Mighty and a concentrated fabric softener like Comfort, helps reduce the amount of plastic used in the bottle. You can also turn down the temperature on your washing machine!

3. By drying your clothes outside or on the airer, it uses less electricity because we don?t use the tumble dyer as much.

4. By re-using our plastic bags we?re being kinder to the environment, and as some shops charge for carrier bags, it keeps our shopping bills down too!

5. By taking a shower instead of a bath, you can use a lot less water and electricity.

6. By turning all your appliances off at the socket, instead of leaving them on standby, you can save money!

By taking a few extra moments to take these small changes, it can make a huge difference, and you can sleep soundly knowing that you?ve done your bit to help the environment. ?

Watch their winning video below:

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