Going back to work or starting a business isn’t a prison sentence where you are bound to serve your time as someone else dictates. You do have a choice to change the way you work, so if you start to feel overwhelmed, it’s time to re-evaluate and make the changes that will make it all the more stress free.

Ask yourself the following three questions and you’ll start to see areas for improvement or change:

Do you have the right skills and training?
If you’ve ventured into a new business and feel like you’re lack of knowledge and experience in the industry is letting you down or making you feel incompetent, have you considered taking a course? This doesn’t have to be a three-year degree course or diploma that will leave you out of pocket and stressing even more on childcare. You can usually take a short course that will give you the basics you need to get going.

You can take a course online or by distance centre learning these days so don’t feel as though you have to commit to a face-to-face course if that won’t work for you.

You can also check out YouTube and Vimeo – these days so many experts take the time to show the world how to create things or provide video tutorials so you’re bound to find something of interest.

Can you do everything yourself?
Are you the bookeeper, receptionist and managing director of your company? It’s not unusual to be all those people when you start out. But if you find that your business is growing and you’re swamped then it’s time to outsource or employ.

Likewise, if you’re struggling to keep up with your workload at work, it’s time to speak to your boss and ask for a review.

It could also be down to time management – are you planning your workload properly?

Do you have the right support in place?
Having the support of your spouse, partner or family can make a huge difference in your ability to achieve success at work or in business. If you feel like you’re shouldering everything and can’t cope any longer, ask for help. For all you know, everyone around you thinks Super woman’s unknown twin because you do everything without a fuss. Maybe it’s time to let them know that you’re human.

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