Are you getting ready for the summer sales slump? If your business isn’t seasonal or doesn’t peak in summer, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to work a little harder for your money in summer.

make more sales with these two great tricksSchool holidays and people going away to get some summer sunshine, or just a break in general means you need to find a way to get the customers and website visitors you have spend more.

Here are two quick tricks you can out into place without spending a penny:

1. Give your customers an after purchase offer

Do you know that offering your customers more after a purchase can be a good way to double your sales overnight?

When your customer has just bought something from your shop or website, he or she is still in a buying mood and this is a good time for you to offer more products and services related to what has just been purchased – even a bigger discount than they would usually get.

That said, don’t just leave your customers to a closing thank you page after their initial purchase – instead, send them to a page that contains some of the best deals that they can take advantage of.

2. Discounts, discount, discounts

Once you have your product lines updated, chances are you will just leave your old products behind and focus more on what’s new, right?

However, your old product line can actually be your biggest income maker while you’re still on the process of featuring your new ones. Look at online clothing and electrical websites to see them push old lines with huge savings.

As a tip, have a category called “discounted offers” or “sale” or “clearance” on your website, which basically contains older versions of what you’re offering your audience.

As you may know, there will always be people who looking for a bargain who won’t care so much about the product line being old, as long as quality and functionality standards are still met.

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