With summer officially upon us, families will now be making plans to enjoy all the fun that the season brings. Whether you’re planning a holiday away or simply preparing to enjoy the warm weather, having beach wear ready for the children is important. This way, your children can enjoy the cool waters at a moment’s notice and you can be confident that they are fully prepared.

While no summer is complete without going to the beach, along with this fun does come some responsibility. The summer sun can be dangerous if precautions are not taken and while sunscreen can be helpful in blocking the sun’s harmful rays, it is not as effective as clothing which completely blocks the sun from your skin.

Beachwear doesn’t need to be boring, and children can still wear outfits that feature their favourite animated characters such as Elsa from Frozen or the Avengers, but it’s best to opt for larger colours when choosing clothes to wear in the sun, as they make it more difficult for the sun’s rays to penetrate.

Not only is having the appropriate clothing key to being beach ready, but having accessories available is important as well. Hats are a must-have for children, as they will provide valuable protection for them against the sun. Look for hat with wide brims and adequate coverage for both the neck and ears – this is where the skin here is very sensitive.

Sunglasses and bathing suits are also important and all of these can be found online with themed characters on to make them that little bit more fun and make kids want to wear them. Whether your child is a fan of Lightning McQueen from Cars or Disney’s Minnie Mouse, you can find adorable sunglasses with the characters at Lamoaloli. You can also find swimming costumes based on popular cartoons. Wearing their favourite character will help young children be more excited about covering up at the beach and should bring a smile to their faces.

Summer is a great time to spend days together as a family and, with the right precautions in place, you can be sure to have a good time.

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