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How to stop being dumped on…and say no without the guilt

Being a help to others is a good trait to have, but if you are personal dumping ground to all who know you, it can be a tiring occupation to say the least. But how do you break free from the chains of compassion without feeling guilty?

Being assertive and having enough confidence to say “No” is a learned behaviour – some people learn it earlier on in life, and others learn after years of being taken advantage of…some never learn.

How to say ‘no’ in a dignified, graceful and powerful manner at work

Every workplace has a yes man or woman – is that you? If so, you’ll be dumped on again and again and after a while resentment, stress and demotivation may start to kick in.

While you wrestle with the bitterness and guilt (at the same time), your colleagues are oblivious to the fact, and just keep throwing more requests your way…

It’s time to start saying no – here are some useful tips to do that with grace and remain professional: