With so many different colours and shapes, the Post-it® Brand from 3M is perfect for adding personality, emotion and individuality to your handwritten notes.

Sometimes, technology just doesn’t cut it, and we need something to write important notes and reminders on that won’t fail us when our battery deism or we haven’t backed up the information we need.

20140331-123647.jpgCase in point is when someone drove into the back of my car last week. While I was able to write all the offending driver’s detais onto my mobile phone and take a picture of the damage to my car and his, my half an hour conversation with my insurance company was something entirely different.

If you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of making a claim on your insurance, you’ll know that it takes quite some time, and there are lots of things to write down – claim reference number, accident repair company details, courtesy car details, legal fees cover numbers…let’s leave it there.

I wanted something that would stand out in my Filofax so that I wouldn’t have to go through every page in it just to get those crucial details out. And thanks to 3M sending out a few samples of their Super Sticky Notes that are ruled, I was able to jot down everything I needed to.

But there is so much more available in their range – from indexing to wall charts. And they are fantastic quality, so will make the lives of many working mums around the world that little bit easier and more organised.

Check back to us soon to learn what a handwriting specialist though about my handwriting…frantic probably, but I’ll find out a little more about my personality, too, I’m told. Can’t wait!

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