The rise of the female trader

Being a mother can be incredibly hard work, and trying to fit even the shortest activity into a busy schedule can be tricky.

Trading can make earning money and raising a child come to life

Many mothers who work in full-time or part-time jobs often find that with childcare, they don’t have the time to do anything else, especially something which could net them additional income.

Most people think that working mothers are in roles like nursing and administration, but for a growing number of women making sizeable profits from trading the markets, they’ve managed to dispel this stereotype.

Trading was often seen as the preserve of men, but as this infographic supplied by City Index shows, there has been a massive increase in the number of women traders, and the level of success which some of them have achieved has been astonishing.


There is also a wide variety in the roles which new and old traders work in. While you might not be surprised to learn that among the most common jobs which women traders find themselves in are in directorial and managerial positions with companies of various sizes, not to mention business owners, others are in jobs which you might not associate with trading. Some women traders work in
admin, accountancy, teaching, nursing, retail and even engineering.

Perhaps the main reason why many women traders are able to get involved in trading is down to advancements in technology. It’s possible to take part in spread betting and CFD (Contract For Difference) trading online and with specialist apps for smartphones. Also, it can be done at any time of the day. As for profit, some could make at least a few thousand pounds each year if they make the right decisions. What the infographic proves is that women can trade just as well as men, even if they might not have too much time to do it.

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