The new school year has just begun, and the children around the country have been packed off to class with a sparkling new pencil case crammed full of stationery.

But, when you were picking out the stationary to buy (or hurriedly chucking them into the basket, whatever the case), did you realise how much history is held in each tiny piece of equipment?  

Believe it or not, there are some fascinating stories behind the bits of stationery we take for granted. From the eraser, which was created by a man who also invented amazing things for Captain James Cooke; to the ballpoint pen that was created by a man who fled to Britain during World War II, there’s so much that goes unsaid about stationery.

Discover the secrets of your stationery drawer with the infographic below, produced by educational suppliers GLS.

How Much Do You Know About the Contents Of Your Stationery Drawer?

Provided by GLS

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