Kate Middleton is often praised for her effortless pregnancy style, as part of the celebrity bump watch. Yes, she has a clothes budget to go along with her public appearances, which allows her to wear designer items, but she also recently was spotted wearing a £30 dress from Top Shop.

There are many ways to feel chic or hip, during your pregnancy with a few simple style tricks:

http://www.theprettycompany.com/shop/belly-bands/belly-band-black/Your first trimester: Don’t throw everything out of the wardrobe yet. Quite a bit of your pre-pregnancy clothing will see you through your first trimester, and some to your second. If you want to extend your pre-pregnancy clothes just that little bit further, you can try out the maternity belly band that has been extremely popular in the US.

This simple band, available in an assortment of colours, helps to cover the gap between the bottom of your pre-pregnancy top to the waist of your trousers, creating a hip look.

The second trimester and beyond: Unlike in your mother’s day where maternity wear was usually synonymous with being frumpy, you can now wear cute and chic clothes for every budget.

Anything with an empire or A line will generally flatter you and maternity leggings with a cute maternity stretched dress can really look chic, as well as being extremely comfortable. You can also accessorise long stretch tops or dresses with a belt just above your belly. Your pre-pregnancy jackets and cardigans or shirts unbuttoned also make excellent accessories.

Don’t forget to accessorise with a baby on board badge – our sister site Babyonboardbadge.co.uk has a badge for every outfit.

Special item maternity wear: Although it is fun to buy new clothes, if you are pregnant for the winter season or you need to attend a wedding and you don’t want to spend too much, it’s a good idea to see if any friends have any maternity wear in their closets, before splashing out on a major item. That way you could use the money you’ve saved for a pregnancy massage or towards getting ready for the little one on the way.

The key to your maternity wardrobe is to have fun and experiment with your new pregnancy style to find what suits you.

The Belly Band Image courtesy of The Pretty Company

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