The joy of a new baby is certainly special and something that all new parents experience. However, sleep deprivation is also part of having a new baby and new parents notoriously get very little sleep, if any at all. It can be hard enough when you’re on maternity leave and staying home with your baby, but if you still have a sleep battle on your hands when you return to work,MIT can be quite gruelling.

Fortunately, there are some strategies and tips to help working mums get some sleep when to keep your sanity.

Accept help graciously
When a new baby arrives, there are usually plenty of people willing to help – from parents, siblings, friends, and other family members. So, when you really need to get some sleep just accept some of the help that is being offered. Having someone else keep an eye on your baby for just a couple of hours will allow you to get some much needed sleep, and it doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a parent.

This is especially important on the run-up to returning to work. Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your mood and your mental agility – and the last thing you want is your boss on your back because of poor performance when you’ve only just returned to work!

Take night feeds in turns
When the baby starts crying both parents generally wake up, even if you’re the one who attends to the baby. If both of you stay up, however, this can lead to a lack of sleep for both of you – a better plan is you to take it in turns. This will mean that you’ll both be able to get at least a few nights a week of good sleep, so that you can recharge your batteries.

Time to move out!
Getting your baby used to sleeping in his own cot, in his own room is another good way to enforce a nighttime routine. It will also means that if one of you is attending to him during the night, the other parent can sleep uninterrupted (or as close to this as possible).

Take time when doing the last feed before bedtime
Most babies wake during the night because they are hungry, so if you feed your baby late before you go to bed it is likely they will sleep until early or mid morning. This will allow you to get some continuous sleep, even if it is not as much as you want. Remember to change her nappy after the feed, so that your baby is comfortable and contend before bed, too.

Take naps with baby
If you’re a mumpreneur,mod a working mum who has some flexibility, you can take naps with the baby during the day to recharge your batteries. It may seem like a waste if time, but with a new baby, you need to take very opportunity you can to get some respite, otherwise you’ll start to feel resentful and exhausted all the time.

Even a one-hour power nap during the day can work wonders, and you’ll see this reflected on your work, mood and overall countenance.

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