Now that children are back in school and settled in the first term of the year, may mums find they have a lot of time to work or study. If that sounds like you, but you’re struggling to pool together the money to pay for childcare so you can take a course, you could be eligible for grants or funding through a bursary.

There is funding to help with the cost of childcare, if you have younger children, or need to use Afterschool clubs or childcare providers while you study – bee are three you can ask your college, university or other educational institution about:

Childcare Grant
If plan t study full time you can apply for a Childcare Grant to pay for childcare costs for children aged less than 15 (or 17 if they have special needs).

Full-time higher education students with children can apply for a Childcare Grant which amounts to:

  • up to £148.75 a week for 1 child
  • up to £255 a week for 2 or more children

And is is paid on top of your student finance, and does not need to be paid back.

Care to Learn
Care to Learn payments go direct to your childcare provider to pay for childcare costs. You may be able to get Care to Learn if you’re a young mum aged less than 20 years at the start if the course, and are caring for your own child.

Discretionary Learner Support
If you’re planning to enrol on a further education course, ask the college about applying for a Discretionary Learner Support to pay for childcare. Each college has its own scheme so contact the college direct to find out more.

The Discretionary Learner Support can pay for:

  • accommodation and travel
  • course materials and equipment
  • childcare – if you qualify
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