Advertising a product, service, or anything else such as a website for example, has always been perceived as an exoensice exercise. Yes – a decade or so ago but tomes have changed and it is actually a lot cheaper than you may think.

Here are four simple steps to great free advertising.

Advertise in free but well-visited websites
Not all websites charge you to list your business. The traditional directories, like Thomson Local and Yell don’t charge for a basic listing. And don’t forget good old Google – you can get listed on Google Local for…free!

Look for a partner
Many businesses have a lot in common but they just don’t know it.

Let’s say you are a florist who knows a very good bakery. It may seem like you’re poles apart initially, but there is something you have in common – celebrations is just one example. You provide flowers for a wedding and the bakery may make wedding cakes. You can advertise each other on your websites and in your premises, distributing each others leaflets and making recommendations. All for free.

Social media
If you’re not in social media, you’ve likely heard of its benefits. One is that you can promote your business products and/or services for free.

Start with Facebook and LinkedIn and you’ll start to see the benefits.

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