Some people view their free time at home as just a precious respite from work, the kids or other responsibilities that they may have. However, your home is the most perfect place to explore new interests and ideas.

Don’t waste this valuable time by sitting in front of the television; use it to unlock your full potential. We are going to have a look at just three of the ways that you can optimise and make the most out of your free time at home.

1. Learn a new skill at home
Being at home allows you time you otherwise would not have; use this time wisely by investing in yourself by learning or developing a skill. Take the time to evaluate yourself and your current skills and then think about what areas you would like to improve on.

Some of the most valuable skills these days are IT related. Perhaps your computer skills are out-dated or limited? With so many online IT courses available, it has never been easier to learn new or update your current computer skills. The best thing about online courses is the flexibility they offer – you’ll be able to decide where and when you study. Don’t just sit at home when you can learn at home.

2. Improve your health
There are now a wide variety of ways to improve your health without even leaving the house. A large contributor to our health is the food we eat, and there are now many simple and healthy cookbooks aimed at busy mums. Use your free time to implement some healthy adjustments to your family’s favourite meal.

Exercise is something we either love or hate. It’s always best to use your time at home to find a physical activity you enjoy. With so much choice, there has never been a better time to pick something that’s fun for you. Yoga and Pilates are wonderful exercises that will add focus and relaxation into your day. Many companies have now released at home fitness DVDs, giving you extra motivation either from an onscreen trainer or lively salsa music.

3. Earn money from your passion
The idea that we could earn money doing something we love can seem like a dream, but it’s really not as millions of people all over the world are doing just that. The first step is to think about your passion and skillset and formulate a way that you can make money from it.

If you love cooking or baking, you should think about becoming a specialist cake decorator. Find a niche such as TV, movie or cartoon themed cakes to get noticed.

Maybe you’re a keen photographer? Plenty of mothers are constantly taking photos of their children, but some have turned to food, home interiors, or other niches to carve a side income from their pictures.

There are endless ways to optimise your time at home; you just need to start somewhere, as it’s all too easy to get distracted by your kids or housework. Having said this, making time for you and allocating a small amount of time each day to just one of these ideas can totally transform your motivation and bring new direction to your life.

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