Some things never change when it comes to relationships, but spending a few days with the family and having the stresses of Christmas all rolled into a few days can heighten irritations at home.

The survey, conducted for, shows that woman are more annoyed by their partner’s inability to cope with basic household chores and inattention during those all-important shopping trips; while men struggle with the fact that their partners miss their hard work around the house and don’t appear to take them seriously.

But before you start thinking the unthinkable, you may well find that you’re not alone – see this top 10 list of things that women hate about their male partners:

  • His immaturity
  • He dresses like a scruff
  • He can be thoughtless
  • His dislike of shopping
  • He never does any housework
  • He leaves the toilet seat up
  • He won’t obey simple house ‘rules’
  • He never shows an interest in things you like
  • His dreadful Christmas and birthday presents
  • He always leaves the TV on Sky Sports

But as usual, the men have a few things that niggle them about us, too…how many can you tick off (no pun intended!):

  • It takes you hours to get ready
  • You love shopping – too much
  • You spend too much on a haircut
  • You nag about DIY jobs
  • Your endless list TV soaps
  • You can’t park the car
  • You don’t like criticism of your cooking
  • You never notice when he’s done the housework
  • You start conversations with the words “You never listen to me”
  • Your four-hour phone conversations to either mum or best mates
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