Life often doesn’t turn out quite like you expect, whether because of a change in circumstances or lack of opportunities. This might mean that you don’t pursue your dream career; with children to look after it’s not always easy to undertake further studying, and you of course need to have some form of flexible working hours.

Fortunately, there are numerous jobs you can do that don’t require significant retraining, and in which you can work almost entirely the hours that suit you. They might not be what you’d originally planned to do, but they probably fit the criteria quite nicely. Here are three you can start with:

Taxi Driver

This one most mothers will probably never think about, but it’s ideal if you need to work during the day, but able to ferry your kids around in the morning and afternoon. In most places, there are relatively stringent tests that you must pass in order to be allowed to take a fare, but most good drivers with a very small amount of training will be able to pass without difficulty. The money can be very good in the right places too. Used cabs from places like Cab Direct don’t have to be too expensive to buy either.

Arts & Crafts

This is a fun one. If you’ve got an artistic side, then numerous online marketplaces now mean that it’s easy to make some money from your hobby. It used to be the case that you had to go through the hassle of creating your own website, and marketing and selling through there. Companies like Etsy however work almost exclusively on what people are searching for, so all you need to do is worry about making great products that you think people will be looking for. Word of mouth is often the most powerful method of getting yourself out there.

Freelance Writing

We like in an age where content is king. Every minute of the day, hundreds of articles on a huge number of subjects are being written and published, so if you’re a good writer, then there is money to be made there. Businesses are looking for freelance specialists on so many subjects that you’re bound to be perfect for someone. You can work when you like as long as you’re hitting their deadlines, which makes things extremely flexible indeed.

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