Toy Story Mania on Nintendo Wii – perfect family fun for the holidays

jessieNow I don’t usually review kids games, but with a son hitting five early next year, I knew that I can’t be too strict with him all the time – everyone needs to unwind sometime, don’t they?

I quite liked the Toy Story Mania game for the Nintendo Wii because of the link to the film and it’s one of those films that the whole family can enjoy.

So, last weekend, I unleashed the DVD for my son to test on the Wii that I usually use for exercise. It comes complete with 3D glasses, which were a bit of a novelty to him. He absolutely loved it.

I like the fact that the game means that at his age, he can get a but of practice with his coordination. I know it sounds corny, but it’s amazing how easily children at this age ‘get’ the whole computer thing! We tried out a game where he had to target some aliens and then press a button to lift them and score points. It was hilarious just watching him in excitement try to do this!

Disney has created an interactive Youtube video, featuring all the Toy Story characters, for this family-friendly 3D video game on Wii, which you can view for yourself:

Find out more about Toy Story Mania. Here you can download wallpapers, screensavers, door hangings and colouring sheets.

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