TV host Trisha battling cancer

Cha show host, Trisha Goddard has revealed that she is battling breast cancer, it emerged yesterday.

In a statement, Goddard and her husband, Peter Gianfrancesco said: ?We are exhausted from the stress.?

A?routine mammogram revealed a tumour which was removed three weeks ago. However further tests have found cancer in a lymph node. More nodes will be removed in a further operation.

The star may need to undergo chemotherapy.

This seems like another hammering blow for the talk show host, whose personal life has been fraught and wearisome.

She was beaten as a child and battled eating disorders. She took an overdose and spent four months in a psychiatric hospital.

She also found the man she thought was her father was not related to her. Her sister, who suffered from schizophrenia, committed suicide by setting fire to herself

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