Video tutorial: how to increase business exposure with press releases

Are press releases an integral part of your marketing and promotion plan? If not, they should be! Don’t panic – it doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of pounds using an expensive PR agency (although if you have the budget, you can spend more and get more for your money in most cases!).

20110909-085614.jpgPress releases actually save you money if they are written correctly and pitched to the right media outlet. This is because as co summers, we can see an advert and decide to ignore it, but with a press release, a journalist will have written an article or a review and be seen as an expert, so readers are more likely to follow through and find out more about the product or service because it isn’t a hard sell.

Also, when you buy an advert in a magazine or a website, you will only reach a finite number of people (ie the magazine’s circulation and the websites visitors), but with a press release that is multiplied because if it’s a good story, more than one journalist will pick it up. How many times have you seen the same story written in more than newspaper or magazine?

Watch the press release profits video and find out how to write a press release and get the exposure you need for your business today.

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