Having a youthful appearance is something that most women desire, irrespective of one’s age, job and position in life. Is it wrong to wish for something that can be achieved? Never. 

During the lockdown, you may have been trying several home remedies and just about any beauty hack you could get your hands on to get your desired youthful look. Be it for Zoom meetings, Facetime – or just so you could recognise yourself in the mirror – you were not there! But has it all gone in vain? 

For some, the closing down of beauty salons and the impact that social distancing has had on getting beauty treatments were unwelcome, because the tool in their box to fill in those crow’s feet and ageing lines was a lunchtime Botox treatment. Yes, botox injections, one of the well-accepted, trendy and increasingly-popular anti-ageing treatments using by millions all over the world. Women aren’t the only ones running to Botox – men have also recognised this treatment to be their perfect wrinkle-eraser.

If you haven’t heard about or know how this treatment works, maybe it is time you get familiar with the simple, yet effective procedure behind this beautiful treatment. Celebs and school run mums, alike, swear by it, claiming it is worth the expense and (slight) discomfort of an injection.

During Botox treatments, small needles are used to inject an effective toxin inside the facial muscles. The specialised and experienced dermatologists will apply a cold pack or anaesthetic cream to numb the areas to be treated – and to ease the pain. 

Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin is injected into the muscles that cause unsightly wrinkles and fine lines. This muscle-relaxing ingredient does the most critical work inside your face by stopping the nerve signals and letting your facial muscles stay in the relaxed state itself. 

Smooth Skin Can Now Be Yours With Botox
Smooth Skin Can Now Be Yours With Botox

The number of injections needed will vary – it all depends on the severity of the wrinkles and fine lines formed on your face. The dynamic and static wrinkles formed, due to the continuous facial expressions you have been making (motherhood, eh!) and the lines deeply etched into your pretty face can be treated with Botox. 

Once in place, the toxin will weaken the overactive facial muscles (like those across the forehead, between the eyebrows, and at the corners of the eye) to make them stay and look rested and smooth. This perfect skin-smoothening treatment can be chosen by anyone who is 18 years and above. Ideally, you would also use Botox treatments when you and your skin are healthy and when you begin to see small and thin smile lines.

Candidates that are not right for Botox treatments, according to the experts, are: pregnant or breastfeeding women, those who are not in good health, or are allergic to certain medications, have certain neuromuscular diseases, have marked facial asymmetry, suffer from skin disorders around the planned injection sites, etc.

Many Botox treatment providers give a free consultation to provide you with an idea of what is possible, how Botox procedure will be administered, and also to provide the dermatologist with a clearer picture of your medical history. This can make the process simpler, as you will be confident about what a realistic outcome will look like once complete. 

With the help of the right experts, you can see the desired aesthetic results from Botox. One added benefit is that there is no recovery time. You will require about a week to see the effect of the toxin injected…youthful, smooth, silky and shiny skin loading! Your work colleagues won’t believe you haven’t been on a zen retreat when you get back to the office!

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