Let’s face it, things aren’t exactly plain sailing at the moment. There’s so much to worry and stress about, it’s a miracle we get anything done at all. From worrying about your health and the safety of your loved ones to going back to work, getting a refund for your holiday or even having a baby or suffering from another health condition. When the stress and strain continues to pile itself onto you, it’s only a matter of time before you buckle under the pressure.

Of course, it makes sense to reach out to your GP or your family and friends if you’re struggling with anxiety and stress. But did you know there are other ways to combat your mental issues and give your wellbeing a boost? Blogging is the perfect outlet for voicing your worries and concerns and relieving the pressure you’re under. 

You don’t need much to get started. A blogging platform, a good internet connection, writing and plagiarism software, maybe a proofreading program to make things a little easier for you – scribbr can help you here – and an idea. 

Here we’ll look at why starting a blog could help reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

It Feels Good

When was the last time you wrote down your feelings? We’re so used to typing quick replies to friends and family or using emojis to convey our online feelings that writing emotively can seem completely foreign. However, I guarantee that you’ll enjoy the writing experience, whether you’re writing about your emotions or you’re writing about snacks for toddlers. It gives you a chance to exercise your mind and focus your energy on something positive.

You Don’t Have to Seek Validation

Blogging is a bit like an online diary, as such you don’t have to publish your thoughts into the public domain if you don’t want to. You’re beyond the need and the desire for validation. No one can touch you here or deem your posts unworthy or your feelings invalid. Even if you do choose to publish online, you can remove the option for people to leave comments if you wish. 

It Can Give You a Sense of Control

When we feel stressed and our anxiety begins to take over, it feels as though we’re losing control. When you commit your feelings or your opinions into a blog, the control is handed back to you. It gives you the chance to evaluate your feelings and focus on something other than your anxiety symptoms. 

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