Working from home is a way of life for many small business owners. A great solution to juggling family and work responsibilities, self-employment also comes with the benefit of flexible hours.

However, when your business begins to grow, the home office isn’t always the best place to receive potential clients. One option is to rent service do spaces

Many companies and individuals are now seeing the advantages of a serviced office, for when a professional impression is crucial. The serviced office need not be a complete replacement for your home office but can be a useful, affordable addition to your business.

If flexibility is one of the fundamental pros of working from home, you might be surprised at how adaptable serviced offices can also be. Unlike traditional office leases, temporary contracts can be extremely short term – a minimum of just three months is the norm – and the terms can be changed at short notice without fees, according to changing requirements and expansion.

While basing yourself at home can save on costs, a serviced office may present more value than you think. With many of them, other potential costs like utilities and insurance are already included in the fee. Furniture and high-speed internet is in place, meaning that you can get settled in within days and there is often a reception service to cover the whole building, as well as cleaning and maintenance personnel.

If you find it tricky to work around family commitments, a good compromise might be to go for the more virtual option. A virtual office in Manchester from i2Office, or similar in Birmingham, London or across the country, will enable you to lease an upmarket address and answering service, while still operating from your own study. Increasing popularity has meant these services are now widely available across the UK.

Serviced offices represent a serious alternative to working from home, especially when you weigh up the potential gain; a marketable face to your company, readily available premises and everything you need on site. Many businesses continue to rent serviced spaces for years as they present fewer administration worries and less hassle all-round.

Permanent or temporary, it’s worth considering the serviced office as a viable option.

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